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Champagne Louis Roederer Cristal Vinothèque

In pursuit of the perfect champagne through perfect aging

Louis Roederer's Cristal Vinothèque is an exceptional champagne that was aged for extended period through special aging process. It hit the market last year for the first time with the 1995 vintage and the 1996 will be released later this year. It is so-called "late-disgorged" champagne but the aging process is so detailed and customized depending on vintage's characters. Champagne aging is divided into two stages: before disgorgement (lees-aging) & post-disgorgement. Each gives different effects to the wine. What makes Vinothèque aging more precise is that "lees-ageing" period is further divided into two phases: sur latte (bottles aged laterally) and sur pointe (aged vertically). Again these give different effects: oxidative v. reductive. The 1995 Vinothèque was aged for 8 years Sur Latte, 6 years Sur Pointe and 7 years of post-disgorgement. For 1996, the aging was 10 years, 4 years and then 7 years respectively. Total aging is the same (21 years) but vintages 1995 and 1996 went through different aging process. The maturation is regularly monitored through tasting with a number of checking points (such as aromas, flavours, texture, mousse, etc.) by Chef de Caves and his Team to decide the optimal timing for the perfect taste and texture. Dosage is lower and pressure is lower due to extended aging. Cristal is made from grapes grown in the best vineyards that Roederer owns or the best terroir of Champagne that have very chalky soils. Cristal has the essence of delicacy and finesse. No malolactic fermentation. This all means that it needs time to show its full potential although many Cristal are opened before reaching its peak. Vinothèque has solved that frustration by keeping them in the Louis Roederer's cellar until the ideal moment before release. They are perfectly delicious Champagne that have marked a new chapter in the Louis Roederer's history. This is the champagne that will stay those who have tasted it in life. Tasting notes (July 2017&2018): ● 1996 Cristal Vinothèque Brut (preview)

fForal, ripe cirtus, Yuzu, orange peel, chalky mineral (soil speaks), hint of flint (gently reductive), toasted nuts, pain, coffee, white chocolate. Super concentration and wrapping and oily texture. Endless finish with powdery chalk and saline notes. Delicate mousse. 1995 Brut is more classic style with more autolytic and honey notes. Had more density, body and energy. ● 1995 Cristal Vinothèque Rose

Wild strawberry, raspberry, rose petal, ginger, cidar box. Sensual, soft and velvety textures. Freshness, pureness + creaminess with rounder acidity. Seamless and beautiful!

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